Trace gases remote sensing data centre unit

The GRES data centre unit provides data curation service for reactive trace gases remote sensing data. This includes standardized process for metadata and data submission, traceability, data versioning, quality control, inclusion of data in the data base, data provision and archiving, and documentation. In addition, it offers production of level 3 for climatological analysis and added values products (quicklooks, links to EVDC-ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre).

The ACTRIS-GRES unit is structured in one unique database including measurements issued from five types of instruments:

  • FTIR: Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrometry,
  • UVVIS: Ultra-Violet and Visible spectroscopy including
    • UV-VIS ZS (zenith-sky) SAOZ (Sytème d’Analyse par Observation Zénithale) spectrometer,
    • UVVIS MAX-DOAS (Multi-AXis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy instruments),
    • PANDORA instruments.
  • LIDAR DIAL: Differential Absorption Lidar.

All data are stored in the GRES database which is hosted by the French data center for atmospheric data AERIS.